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febrero 8, 2018
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marzo 1, 2018

Representation of the path of "shi-né" (meditation), that uses the metaphor of the domesticated elephant.

Meditation for entrepreneurs

Meditate (verb  med·i·tate  \ ˈme-də-ˌtāt \) : to engage in contemplation or reflection.

We are no one to recommend the best practices for meditating, nor we know a lot about the subject.  But as entrepreneurs, coachers and people who has worked in/with startups, meditation is a practice that we prone and that we have integrated in our incubation program.

The first who took meditation sessions were Magis Teams’ team members, when we were preparing the calls and the program. Every morning we meditated during half an hour guided by a teacher. We were taught how to sit and keep a good posture, we did some exercises to learn how to focus the mind and we ended by learning some exercises so we could keep meditating by ourselves in the meditation room at the office.

Meditation room at Magis Team’s office

Now, it’s the turn for the teams in the incubation program. They recently started to have weekly meditation sessions, followed by coaching sessions. In those, they do not talk directly about their projects, but about themselves, their motivations, and how their start-up fulfills them. The meditation sessions are yet introductory (we learn the basis of respiration, gesture,…) and are quite free guidance.

Why entrepreneurs should meditate?

The goal of these sessions is to have a space and a moment to take a break from the whirlwind of launching their business in very little time. We have stated several times that Magis Teams sets its pillars in meaningful entrepreneurship, because the entrepreneur goes before the project. If the candidates are starting a business it has to be because it makes them happy.

Meditation is only a way to dedicate some time to think and remember why we are doing what we are doing.

It is also a break. A moment to stop and son’t fall into the rush of “make, make, make”, especially in this stage of the incubation, where there’s most of the work to do, the stress of launching the platforms, taking the first steps, preparing the search for investors.

Stop. Meditate. Don’t forget your values and always keep in mind what makes you happy.

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