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abril 17, 2018
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mayo 17, 2018

The logo and values of Magis Teams

Now that we have opened the call for the 2nd edition of our program, we believe it is time to re-explain who we are and re-introduce ourselves again to the future candidates.


How is Magis Teams born?

Magis Teams is a project incubator born from Impulse to Grow, a company specialised in counseling and financing other companies and startups. At the beginning of 2017, its founders Francisco Badia and Diana Roura had the idea of having their own incubator as they realised their passion for the sector and the satisfaction of being able to help others to carry out their successes.

Then, Magis was born with the ambition to create better and happier entrepreneurs because we need them to build a better world. It distinguishes itself from other incubators and accelerators by taking projects in very early stages and carrying through a personalised incubation process, adapted to the needs of each entrepreneur. The business philosophy came with the publication of the book Francisco Badia wrote at 2017 Meaningful Entrepreneurship  which set up the fundamentals of the future incubator.


Have you wondered what our logo and motto mean?

Magis is a Latin word that means “more” or better”. The bird in the logo wants to communicate the idea of taking of, to fly with ambition and the desire to go beyond.

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