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April 6, 2018
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April 17, 2018

The young entrepreneur with a lightbulb head

Whoever has visited our Instagram account has probably realised that we have a kind of mascot, a little entrepreneur with a bulb head. This minimalist cartoon symbolizes the candidate for our incubation program, a young entrepreneur, a student with an idea, full of motivation and willing to make it true, but not knowing exactly how.

This character was born some time ago, as the main character of short capsules we made, talking about the problems young entrepreneurs meet, accepting them as a challenge instead of a throwback. All with a touch of humour as the character is a little jinxed. And now it has become the star of our Instagram account. We use the cartoon to give some advice and thoughts we are learning during the incubation (we are inspired by the things candidates are learning, but also about what we – Magis Teams’ team and mentors – are learning ourselves) or just to illustrate quotes we like.

Capítulo 3: El material de trabajo

Posted by MAGIS TEAMS on Thursday, 28 December 2017


You can find all the videos on this Facebook playlist 🙂


Why a cartoon? Because it won’t get old, it’s more universal and abstract so anyone can identify. This is also why we chose the simplicity in the drawing. It makes the character and the message more generic. Little “bulbhead” (we accept ideas for a name) is no one in particular, neither has a genre, because it represents values, a way of thinking. Moreover, the black simple lines are versatile, simple and quick. We are still practical people.

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