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marzo 1, 2018
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marzo 13, 2018

Recess weekend at Ignatius Cave

The next weekend (17-18 of March) we are preparing a very special activity with our entrepreneurs. We will go to the cave of Ignatius for a recess weekend

Since the program launched in August, it’s been a non-stop. The young candidates have been shelled with seminars and meetings, preparing the take off, the constant thinking about the future of their startups and the concern about finding funding. And eventually the program will come to an end and they have to be prepared for the demoday. Before that happens, we want the entrepreneurs in our program to stop and have a moment to take a breath and not forgetting the present. We believe that the main goal of this program is not only launching the startups with success, but most of all, enjoying the process. For this reason it is important to live the present and meditation is key for achieving so. The next weekend we are going to disconnect from everything and have a little trip.

The cave is located in Manresa, near the Cardener river, which eroded the soil forming this cave. It is a pilgrimage place since historically, Ignatius of Loiola went to Manresa on 1522 and stayed there for eleven months. The cave was his place for praying and withdrawal. This gave the name of the cave.

At the present, the cave is an international place for spirituality, it welcomes worldwide visitors that come for practicing spiritual exercises or for meditating as we will. As the center states itself:

“We are a center that offers exercises of contemplation, inner-self, silence and spirituality, addressed both believers and non-believers, with a special attention to the youth.




Regardless of the religious origin, it is a calm and dedicated place for contemplation and group stays, so we have a reservation for the next weekend and we will be accompanied by our meditation coach here at Magis, Marisa Barros.

They will have a whole weekend to exercise meditation, disconnect and rest.

We hope the team will enjoy the weekend and take profit of it 🙂

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